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Termoskruus XD 300ml

Kvaliteetne tilgakindel termoskruus.

This great double wall stainless steel vacuum mug keeps your drink warm for up to 5 hours or cool for up to 15 hours. The lid is lockable and therefore avoids any risk of leaking or spilling. The lid is easy to keep clean for optimal hygiene and is dishwasher safe. The unique design of the mug allows you to drink conveniently and safely with one hand directly from the mug. The size of the mug is suitable to place in any car drink holder. Made with RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified recycled materials. RCS certification ensures a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials. Total recycled content: 71% based on total item weight. BPA free. Capacity 300ml. Including FSC®-certified kraft packaging.

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Termoskruus XD 450 ml

Kvaliteetne tilgakindel termoskruus.

Maht 450 mlKvaliteetne tilgakindel termoskruus.

Maht 450 ml

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Tääknuga Glock 78

Austriast pärit nuga igaks olukorraks tootjalt Glock. Komplekti kuulub polümeerist noatupp.

  • Teras: 1095
  • Tera pikkus: 125mm
  • Kogupikkus: 290mm
  • Tera paksus: 5mm
  • Kaal: 206g
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Volditav taskukruus

Maht: 250 ml/8 fl. oz
Kaal: 25 g/0.9 oz
Mõõt: 9.5x7x2.5 cm / 3.5x3x1 in
Materjal: Termoplastik

  • purunematu
  • kokkuvolditav
  • masinpesu
  • BPA-vaba
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Ceramic mug with a capacity up to 350 mL. Supplied in a box. ø82 x 97 mm | Box: 102 x 117 x 88 mm

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